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As a minister with over 20 years of experience assessing, cultivating, and treating the issues of the soul that adversely affect personal development, Dr. Tala has mentored many into destiny fulfillment which is one of her primary passions.

Working with her mother to establish a full fledge assessment and ministry consulting firm, PPM Global Resources, Tala gained valuable expertise in human development, making her a qualified success life developer.

It was a natural outgrowth of her years of service in ministry as her mother’s right hand operations manager and chief prophet where she learned to train and coach various types of people through her education and experience. 

This advisement was life changing. It confirmed a lot of things that God has been showing me and put a plan together on how to accomplish what I need to do. Thank you, Chief Prophet Tala for your insight and for being extremely supporting and encouraging as I was being readjusted in many areas.

– Alana A

The prophetic advisement session with Chief Prophet Tala was way more than I expected... and I had high expectations! She answered many questions that I had about my life. I came away with a practical plan on how to advance into what God has ordained for me to do.

– Marcia S

Prophet Tala Price was just amazing. She was so personable and gracious. She is seasoned in what she does and you can hear it and feel it. Her passion for seeing what is on the life of a vessel is beautiful. God confirmed so much through the assessment. I'm more than happy that I took the assessment. I will recommend other leaders to take the assessment because there is a need to know instead of wonder what you are here in the earth to do. Thank you for this change in my life through this assessment.

– Ebony Lewis


We’ve Got You Covered

Wherever you are in your Apostolic or Prophetic journey, we have the tools to cultivate God’s word concerning you, and see it through to manifestation.

PPM Global Resources

Apostolic and Prophetic Books, Messages and Teachings that Equip You to Win.

PPM Global Assessments

Take the guesswork out of discovering your purpose and call by using one simple tool.

Price University

Price U graduates give the Lord Jesus a Voice, Influence, Vote, Access and Seat at world tables.

Prophetic ED Institute Agency

Prophetic-ED provides access to God’s voice in everyday life via professional Apostles and Prophets. 

Let’s build your destiny together.

Whether Dr. Tala is building you to be a better person, business owner, or believer of Jesus Christ, her commitment will always be to your success.


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